About the Be Inspired Group

About be inspired

We are performance and result-driven

The Be Inspired Group has been making an impact across multiple industries for nearly 15 years. It all began with Be Inspired Fitness and Coaching, our PT management company, which gradually expanded into further Be Inspired companies being launched, that now comprise our diverse brand. This unique collaboration of all of the Be Inspired businesses is the driving force behind the exceptional performance and results that our clients experience.

As we continued to add new business under the Be Inspired Group, it became increasingly evident that we could provide a powerful service by covering all aspects of our clients’ needs. With more Be Inspired businesses engaged by a client, the more significant results we delivered.

We are committed


Our team of businesses works collaboratively together to provide a bespoke solution that is unique to the Be Inspired Group.


We are committed to delivering unparalleled support and services to our clients, ensuring outstanding results every time.


We provide our clients as well as our team with unique development, growth, and investment opportunities. 

We focus on people

At the heart of our business is our unwavering commitment to our People. We place our people first, knowing that everything else will flow naturally from there. We place an intense focus on attracting and retaining the best talent to join our team. We provide opportunities for our team members to advance their careers, with the ability to move both upward and laterally within the various businesses of the Be Inspired Group.

Continuous development and education for our teams are fundamental to our business. We strive to develop our staff every month and bring in global leaders regularly to upskill our teams, providing them access to a diverse range of experts. We believe that investing in our team members’ development will translate into personal success in the long run, as evidenced by our motto: “the more you learn, the more you earn!”

In addition to career advancement and professional development, we also provide our team with exclusive investment opportunities, such as business purchases, residential and commercial deals, and other creative ventures. We are committed to supporting our team members’ long-term future and seeing them flourish both personally and professionally. We genuinely look after our staff like a family, and the result is evident in the performance they deliver for our clients, day in and day out. In short, our people come first, and everything else follows naturally.

Meet our leadership team

About Be Inspired

James Hunt
Managing Director
Be Inspired Group

About Be Inspired

Jason Santiago

About Be Inspired

Mike Godfrey
BIMG National Business Manager
BIDA Director

Jake Powell
National Business Manager BIFC

About Be Inspired

Alexandra Dimovska
Group Operations Manager

James Tsimiklis
State Manager

Blair “Shep” Sheppard
State Manager Victoria

Dennis Tasiou
Cluster Regional Fitness Manager | BIFC

Nathan Ross
Regional Manager

Rhett Spiller
Regional Fitness Manager

Viviene Pham
Regional Fitness Manager

‘The best career decision of my life!’

I have been involved with the Be Inspired Group for almost a decade now. I have worked for the Be Inspired Group in the past as a Regional Manager, and have been provided opportunities to buy into multiple businesses with the Be Inspired Group, which I have taken up over the past 5 years. Thanks to the Be Inspired Group my professional career has soared and I can now say I am a multi-site, multi-brand business owner with sites all across Australia. Deciding to commence as an employee with them all those years ago was the best career decision of my life! Whilst I am no longer employed by the Be Inspired Group, I am proud to call them a business partner of mine and strongly recommend them to all future clientele, you won’t be disappointed!

Jason S, NSW


The Be Inspired Group is a collaborative group providing turn-key solutions in the fitness industry. Our services include PT Management, Gym Management, Digital Marketing, Recruitment and Investments.