Do you want to see your gym or studio achieve its highest absolute potential?

Complete Gym Management

Be Inspired Management Group (BIMG) is an industry leader in assisting gym and studio owners to drive their business to its absolute highest potential. Many owners are not running their Clubs or Studio to their full potential. This may be due to them not having extensive industry experience, or often they have other businesses, or other employed positions that take up a large amount of time. Their Clubs or Studios are often doing ok, but the Owner knows they could do better if it had a dedicated, consistent focus to drive it to its potential. Our results speak for themselves with clubs and studios improving their turnover by more the 70%.

What do we provide?

Firstly, every Club and Studio is different, and every Owner is different. This means we will work closely with the owner to set focuses on what they want to achieve from their own business. We will provide our professional advice in the process, but will always tailor the focus according to the Owner.

However, there are universal goals we provide all owners:

Our universal goals

Improve the business

Whether this is focussed on membership growth, internal culture, member engagement, or reduced monthly attrition, we will set targets around improving the business, based on a tailored, customised focus from collaboration with the Club Owner.

Reduce workload

Reduce the time the owner needs to input into the day-to-day operations. BIMG’s focus is to increase profit for our Club Owners AND give them increased time back. An absolute win-win for any Club owner out there today. 


Provide a network for staff to plug into to support them in the daily operations. We have an experienced leadership team and systems in place that have proven successful over the last decade. 

The BIMG difference

Hands off!

By engaging BIMG we oversee all day to day operations, allowing the owner to focus on other projects, expand their portfolio, return to their high paying full time employment, or take that overdue holiday overseas knowing their gym is in the best of hands and will only grow from here!

Pursuit of excellence

At BIMG a core value is the pursuit of excellence, in all we do. In our customer service, in our results, in blowing our clients socks off! We are laser focussed and relentless to achieve results like never before!

Profit + Time

BIMG’s focus is to increase profit for our Club Owners AND give them increased time back. An absolute win-win for any Club owner out there today. Check our results page to see proof in the pudding!


BIMG attracts the highest of talent to drive your Clubs performance. Simply put, we find the industry’s best of the best, and secure them to work on our teams.


We have two decades of refining our systems, tools and processes. We have an extensive leadership team. You can rest easy knowing we have the knowledge, skill, and industry-leading know-how when it comes to running Clubs and Studios!

R. H. I

Respect, Honesty and Integrity. This is the pillar to the Be Inspired Group and it directs our entire team daily on how we function every single minute.

Are you ready to increase your profit while working less? 

Trust the numbers

Average monthly club revenue achieved


Average annual revenue increase

Trust the numbers


Average monthly club revenue achieved


Average annual revenue increase

Don’t take our word for it

As a small business owner with multiple businesses in hospitality, I thought buying a gym would be easy. Boy was I wrong! My first club was purchased with 1200 members and making a nice profit. 18 months later I was down to under 800 members and right at break even. It was at this point I engaged the Be Inspired Group, and immediately the Club turned around. 24 months later and not only had we climbed back to 1200, we had surpassed it. Eventually we peaked at almost 1600 members, all while I was hands-off. I got my time back AND watched the Be Inspired team work their magic driving my club to its maximum potential. For a small footprint Club less than 500sqm, this was astounding! It also gave me ample capital to purchase my next gym, which I obviously handed the reigns straight to the Be Inspired team to tackle as well! 

Engaging them absolutely saved my first business from going under, and has provided me with a highly profitable business AND my time back! I frequently travel overseas now for luxury thanks to my Clubs profitable position, and I do so knowing my Clubs are in good hands and continue to grow without needing my direct involvement in the day to day operations and running while I am away. It’s literally a dream come true for me!

Gym Owner, Victoria

I have engaged all the branches of the Be Inspired Group for many years to assist in the daily management of my gyms across Australia and South East Asia. Through their expert team that oversees my businesses I have more than doubled the total number of gyms I own, my gyms have more than doubled their membership base and more than doubled revenue & profits under the expert oversight of the Be Inspired Group! Through having the Be Inspired Group oversee my gym’s performance I have reached levels of success I never thought possible.

Jimmy H
Multi Gym Owner Anytime Fitness Australia & Malaysia 

As a corporate executive, I decided it was time to leave the corporate life behind and start a business of my own. I was focused on purchasing a gym but had no idea where to start. I engaged the Be Inspired Group early on to assist me in finding Clubs for sale, and to do the due diligence to ensure my first Club I purchased would be a winner. Be Inspired took complete lead on the challenge ahead! They sourced and presented a handful of Gyms over several months, eventually, I committed to my first one. From the moment I took ownership the Be Inspired Group immediately drove performance up and within 18 months my membership had grown from 1000 members to over 1500 members and the bottom line of the business was phenomenally strong. This made a huge impact in helping me survive the next 2 years as Covid hit. Without my Club being in such a strong position, I may not have got through that period. Thank you Be Inspired, your expert team constantly go above and beyond to ensure my Club is running to its absolute full potential!

Gym Owner, Victoria

I began with the Be Inspired Group as an employee in 2018. I quickly achieved several promotions eventually landing in a nationally reaching position. Over a period of time I was able to secure a partnership with the Be Inspired Group and purchased my first gym with them, which I am proud to say is flourishing. I am now looking at my long term future and how I can scale to become a multi-site owner as well as expand into property and development opportunities, all with the Be Inspired Group. If you are considering them to assist in the running of your business, I can not recommend them highly enough!

Alexandra Dimovska
Multi Gym Owner

Achieve your gym or studio’s highest potential!


The Be Inspired Group is a collaborative group providing turn-key solutions in the fitness industry. Our services include PT Management, Gym Management, Digital Marketing, Recruitment and Investments.