What do we do? 

Be Inspired Property and Investments (BIPI) is a limited access only, exclusive membership group of keen investors looking to grow their wealth portfolio’s. For these key people we source every week investment opportunities for them to consider, and invest in. This can be broad from residential, commercial, development, stocks and small business opportunities. Often, BIPI as a company, or its staff as individuals will be investing in the same deals. We are “in it together” with our clients, giving them the highest level of comfort.

The Be Inspired difference


We have a limit on our client base, with a selective process to be accepted. This means we ensure the group has the highest level of support from BIPI and no one misses out on opportunities due to “crowding”.



Often, we can find some of the strongest opportunities with the best returns are from larger projects. Through connecting our client base, we can come together to work in a united capacity so we all reap the benefit and don’t miss out of these golden opportunities.



BIPI strives to find a wide and deep variety of investment, property and development opportunities for our clients to consider. We have nation-wide contacts in all sectors and consistently source out some of the highest-performing opportunities out there. 



One thing Be Inspired Property & Investments excels at is networking and finding “off market” deals to bring to our clients before the public get a chance to snag it!



BIPI as a company, and the staff at BIPI individually will often be invested in the same deals and opportunities we present our clients. This means “we are in it” with our clients, as a team. We are ALL IN with you on these deals! This gives our clients true comfort that we only bring the best deals to the table for them to consider.



BIPI provides a turnkey service for its clients. If you need a lawyer, accountant, bookkeeper, broker, business banker, stock broker or any other specialist, we have long term relationships with some of each industry’s best, who we personally use and endorse for our clients to get exclusive access to.


Looking to find those exclusive property, development and investment deals that will propel you forwards in life?

“I have recently engaged with Be Inspired Property and Investments and have been blown away at the opportunities they have provided me already. With a desire to get into property development, but not having any prior experience, it was daunting to say the least! But BIPI were thorough, understanding and took each step with me at my pace. The BIPI team within a matter of days had sourced and secured off market multiple development opportunities that fit my market space for consideration. I have now committed to my first property development project! BIPI are partnered with me and are walking side by side with me through my first development deal, which provides an immense degree of comfort knowing they too have “skin in the game” alongside me. Thank you BIPI I am so glad I found you!”

James T
BIPI Investor, Victoria

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The Be Inspired Group is a collaborative group providing turn-key solutions in the fitness industry. Our services include PT Management, Gym Management, Digital Marketing, Recruitment and Investments.