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Be Inspired Management Group results

East Melbourne, Victoria

This owner purchased the club with 1234 members for high in the 6-figure bracket.

18 months later the club has lost almost 450 members and is no longer profitable and valued at almost $0. Be Inspired Management group is engaged and immediately begins to turn the club around.

We achieved 1458 members and the club is now valued in the millions.

Members at club purchase

Members now

Members lost prior to BIMG engaged



East Melbourne, Victoria

This club made 451 sales during the 12 months prior to BIMG got engaged. We achieved 686 sales during the 12 months after engagement, an annual increase of 65% in sales.

Annual sales prior to BIMG

Annual increase in sales

Annual sales after BIMG is engaged



West Melbourne, Victoria

This club was able to generate 651 leads during the 11 months prior to BIMG getting engaged. Working with our Digital Agency, we generated 1402 leads in the same timeframe.

Leads during 11 months prior to BIMG engagement

Leads during 11 months after BIMG engagement

Sydney Inner West, NSW

This client’s annual revenue was at $686,253 prior to engaging BIMG. The gym made a full $178,933 more the first 12 months post engagement of BIMG. The figures are based on comparing 8 full months of operations in each year due to forced closure from Covid causing several months to not be in full operation.

8 months revenue prior to engaging BIMG – $457,502 | Annualised = $686,253

8 months revenue post engagement of BIMG – $576,791 | Annualised = $865,186

Feedback from our Club Managers

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Be Inspired Digital Agency results

Cost per lead

BIDA achieves an astoundingly low cost per lead for its clients. Here, you can see leads generated for our gym owners in particular, where we averaged just over $4.00 per lead! The industry average sits between $48.00 and $58.00

Asset Creation

Be Inspired Digital Agency offers complete ad management and asset creation. Here are a few samples of the content and ad creation from 2023. 

Campaign Results

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Be Inspired Fitness & Coaching results

Case Study

Be Inspired Fitness and Coaching took this club from a team of 3 Personal Trainers and 1 Manager to a thriving 24 people on the team!

“Be Inspired Fitness and Coaching has managed the PT department of my Club for years. Today we have 16 trainers, and a Head Coach in a 24 hour gym chain. 24 hour gym chains are not common for strong PT Teams, but BIFC have proved they can drive performance, and build strong teams. Not only do I have a significant revenue stream from my PT department, I have a large group training program at zero cost, and a strong presence of fitness in the Club from the team of trainers! Thankyou BIFC.”

Jimmy H, Sydney Inner West

Education and Development

BIFC provides itself on having the most extensive education and development program available today. We provide for our trainers: 

  • A 20 hour onboarding program designed to guarantee success
  • 1 on 1 Mentoring sessions for the life of your time with BIFC
  • Weekly online workshops
  • Monthly face to face workshops
  • Industry partners providing specialist workshops in online and face to face settings every month
  • Industry partner discounts to external courses and development opportunities

See below a single month’s Development Program with BIFC! 

Feedback from our PT’s

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The Be Inspired Group is a collaborative group providing turn-key solutions in the fitness industry. Our services include PT Management, Gym Management, Digital Marketing, Recruitment and Investments.