What do we do?

Be Inspired Talent Agency (BITA) is an expert Recruitment Agency specialising in the Fitness Industry assisting employers find their next rockstar employee or assisting individuals find that next legendary place of employment for them! We are matchmakers as good as they come.

Often we have positions not even on the market, and connect the right people together at the right time. We don’t believe in short term success either. We work with individuals over long periods of time, with a “nurture pathway” approach. Essentially its about helping the right person find the right place, at the right time, for their career. The better the match, the better the success for all parties.

With over 10,000 candidates on our books, and over 150 employers seeking that next superstar, we have the capacity to connect the right person with the best employer for them!

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For employers, our database is over 10,000 strong. Meaning we have an abundance of candidates at our fingertips. This can result in a much faster timeline to finding that next Superstar employee you are looking for.

Nurture Pathways

At BITA, we focus on supporting people and nurturing their pathway. It’s not about just placing someone somewhere, it’s about placing someone in the right place, at the right time for them.


From an extensive leadership team, we have absolute industry leading experts driving our Talent Agency with a broad and deep contact of employers and job seekers.


We are the “matchmaking specialists” of the Fitness Industry. We find the perfect match for employer and employee, and often in record time!

Value for Money

For both candidate and employer, the time and energy recruitment takes can be significant. We fast-track and carry the load to find the perfect match. This translates to saving all parties significant costs in the long run.

Pursuit of Excellence

At BITA a core value is the pursuit of excellence, in all we do. In our customer service, in our results, in blowing our clients socks off! We are laser focussed and relentless to achieve results like never before!

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The Be Inspired Group is a collaborative group providing turn-key solutions in the fitness industry. Our services include PT Management, Gym Management, Digital Marketing, Recruitment and Investments.